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Batch Bakery

Batch Bakery

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About Us

Batch Bakery is a bakery in Frisco that makes pies, cakes, cookies, and plenty more. We make everything from scratch at our store. We hope our treats add a little sweetness to your day! At Batch, we’re all about serving joy. That joy may come through the first bite of your favorite pie or a conversation with one of our staff members in the lobby. In everything we do, we strive to do our best and hope to make a positive impact on your day.

We care a lot about what goes into our pies and cakes. So, we make everything in-house by hand. We bake every day to ensure our Guests have a fresh, delicious experience.

We’ve got pies, cakes, cookies, and several other desserts at our Frisco store. Stop by our bakery today to choose whatever sounds tastiest to you!


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